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internet secrets

what is Internet how it works?

Before telling you about Internet secrets, know this first, Internet is a global system that interconnects networks that uses the internet protocol suites.

In 1950s first time internet was discovered by Robert E.Kahn and the internet started as ARPANET in 1960s, defense force project in the US. They tried to connect the computer with one another.

The interesting thing is that after so many years exactly on 6th August 1991. The people started using internet worldwide. The world wide web is invented by Tim Berners Lee. Nowadays maximum people in this world using the internet connection and enjoy. 

Internet Secrets
Internet Secrets

Internet secrets you might don’t know, But the whole world is surfing only 1% of the internet?. Yes, that’s true the big part of the internet is hidden or lost.

Let me tell you in details Internet surfing is divided into 3 parts and they are— 1)-surfing web— 2)-deep web — 3)-dark web.

Surfing web-:

Internet Secrets
Internet Secrets Surfing Web

 Internet secrets we only use 1% of the whole internet in surfing the web. Cause surfing web shows us only the things which are indexed in the search engines of google, yahoo, bing, etc. 

We only enjoy facebook, youtube and other few sites which are good know to us but have you ever think of this how big is. The internet world and what you can do on the internet and what you can find on the internet?. 90% of the people don’t know that Internet capture almost everything in the world and there are a lot more things.

Internet secrets Deep web-:

Internet Secrets
Internet Secrets Deep Web

The deep web is known as the property of government and organization. Let me tell you deep web means there is something they have hidden in the deep that they don’t want to share.

Publicly their contents that’s why its called deep web. And every country has a deep web content. And the content is related to the secrets of the country, ecrets of the organization, like citizen details, military mission plan, science facts and research, weapons formulas etc.

You can even find the secrets of the NASA. Research center. To access the content you need an exact address of the web page ID and password. If you don’t have all these things then you can hack it but you must know the address without that you can’t do anything.

Government and many organization will not share with the public or to anyone. Because of their safety so forget about accessing deep web if you don’t have proper information and permission to enter.

Here are some deep web links I found from – click here

Internet secrets Dark Web-:

Internet Secrets
Internet Secrets dark web

The name says that it’s dark and dark means evil world or evil works. People also called dark web is the dark secret of the internet world.

Let me tell you dark web is having almost everything in it, all the illegal works are done.  Like smuggling, kidnapping, murder, gambling, trapping, child pornography human trafficking etc.

like deep web, you need an address to access the websites and the websites are not indexed in search engines. If you want to access the dark web then you need the permission of the owner and after that, you must use TOR browser so that you can stay anonymous and safe for all.

There are a lot of sites in the google and everyday government of the countries seized their sites. But every day many new sites create, so the government of every country is helpless to catch them and stop them.

Contact owner-

It’s not difficult to contact the owners there are a lot of sites indexed on google and also in lots of search engines. You can contact them and ask them to access dark room, If you get access to the sites then you can hire a hit man for you.

You can see live murders by paying the site owner you can watch live torture, live child porn. Even you can do a lot more things but it’s not free it’s completely paid. If you want more to know how dark websites look like, then message me below. I will provide you some seized domain names and their content etc.

One important thing the government of any country or any best-qualified hackers can’t even think to hack or access. The sites of dark web cause every minute they change their web locations, passwords and also the domain names.

so no one in this world can stop them and they are raising every day that’s why the many parts of the internet are captured by dark web and deep web.

dark web leaked footage I found from-

If you want to know more about Internet secrets, dark web and deep web then please comment below. I will provide you more videos and pictures and also some link to access. Keep living and keep learning tech.

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